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Lume Smeraldo

Majolica lamp
capolavori in Roma, RM, IT on Houzz capolavori in Roma, RM, IT on Houzz
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Lamp composed of a little Sienese jug that is green copper enameled and vintage yellow decorated. Instead the lampshade is a conical log made up by precious parchment.

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Maestro Ceramica Kamars
Handcraft Techniques The green enamel, called by many ceramics experts celadon, is made using an elaborate technique. The main element is copper that makes the plate green. According to the varying quantities of copper oxide, the enamel may vary from jade-green to a deep emerald green. The work is made entirely by hand.
Main Material Majolica
Other Materials Majolica, enamels, steel oxides and parchment
Style Mediterranean decor
Height 50.00 cm
Width 35.00 cm
Length 35.00 cm