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Pair of vases
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Pair of traditional pharmacy vases with plate and lid, in various shapes and colors. One is colored cobalt blue, the other one oregano green.

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Maestro Ceramica D'arte Dolfi Snc
Handcraft Techniques Clay is worked by hand on a wheel. The object is then finished with a wet sponge, dried, and given a first firing. Then it is glazed white or other colors, decorated with paint containing oxides, and sprayed with shiny vitreous enamel. Finally, it undergoes a second firing – at a lower temperature than the first one – to set the colors and make the piece sturdy, compact, and shiny.
Main Material Majolica
Other Materials Majolica, glazes and colors containing oxides, vitreous enamels
Style Mediterranean decor
Height 12.20 inches
Width 7.48 inches
Length 14.57 inches